Sunday, April 9, 2017

Starting with a clean bottom

Puerto del Rey, Puerto Rico.

The plan: rent a car in San Juan, drive to Fajardo, find the air bnb, start setting up the boat.

The reality: rental car #1 had a bulge in the tyre; back to base. Rental car # 2's front bumper fell off on the motorway. So we are on rental car #3: satisfactory so far.

Driving on the right side of the road!!! eeeeeep some exciting moments!

Rumpus is sitting on props in a field at the marina. She's been beautifully looked after by Sam & Leah Moorefield of SC Boat tending. We took them out to dinner to thank them. We now know a lot more about the Jehovah's Witness faith and the best burritos in Fajardo at Lolita's.

Two days of antifouling with occasional visits from the local horses, cows, dogs and birds. In the water on Wednesday insha'Allah.

Sarah and Ryan arrive tomorrow from New York and the crew will be assembled.

the interior of Rumpus living up to her name

Stirring the antifouling

Kombi-patterned curtains in this wee classic

After two days' painting with a little bit still to go

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lashtravels said...

Fantastic to see the progress. Let the endless summer begin...!