Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Santiago de CUBA and how we got there!

A four day passage, 600 miles from Fajardo, Puerto Rico, to Santiago de Cuba, past Guantanamo Bay and in to the  beautiful harbour and second biggest city, Santiago de Cuba.

Caught a mahimahi on the last day as we rounded the East coast of Haiti into the Windward Channel. A very very wet welcome to Cuba but the harbour was so beautiful!

We've spent a couple of days off the boat staying in the Casa Granda hotel in the city's main square where  Fidel Castro first addressed the people after the Revolution. We visited his grave in a magnificent cemetery, and all you've heard and read about the music, the cars, the people, the cigars, the all very very true.

Astonishing blue waters as we left Puerto Rico

Mahimahi for dinner, lunch, dinner......

Santiago de Cuba

Fearless fishermen floating on anything they can find, using plates as paddles , out there for hours and getting big hauls! 

Wet captain and crew on arrival

Sparrow checking out the Squadron burgee, our Q flag and the  home made Cuba flag I made out of an old NZ flag. Not quite enough blue.....

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