Saturday, April 15, 2017

Shakedown trip to Culebra

The last day at Puerto del Rey saw new anchor chain, Jorge up the mast fixing the main halyard, and we eventually put to sea to give the engine a 4-hour run to Culebra. Once in Dewey, Culebra, Ryan and Rupe got busy attaching a new main headboard (top) car and then we got the main on. Rumpus has all her flags up, dinghy inflated and we are set to explore.

Ensenada Honda, Dewey, Culebra
77 metres of chain ready for marking in 10 m lengths and stowing  in the forepeak

Jorge end-for-ending the main halyard and attaching the lazy jacks

Ryan and Sarah

The Dinghy dock bar

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Stephen Franks said...

I'm looking forward to this trip