Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blog link as Rumpus starts for home

Well, as promised Rumpus is on her way home. Since October 2014 she has made her way from Messalonghi in Greece to the Canary Islands, ready to leap across the Atlantic. 

Rupe is on board, with Mike Brown. Murray and Dale are about to join them. 

Kristin still at home, flying out on Christmas day to meet Rumpus in Antigua!'

So Mike is on Blog duty: here is the link to his blog:

Friday, September 26, 2014

Rumpus heading home to the place she's never been....

So this is the latest with Rumpus; she's currently in Messalonghi, Western Greece, all rigged up and ready for a rollicking sail westwards across the Med to Morocco and then the Canaries.
December will see Rumpus heading across the Atlantic to Antigua, with a crew of 4.
January is for cruising in the Caribbean, with a plan to leave her somewhere near Panama, all set for the Pacific crossing in 2015.Back to New Zealand, where she is registered - but where she's never been!