Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's Rumpus doing now?

Rupe and I are back home in Auckland, with medical matters taking precedence ( see below). Also a new Burmese kitten called Mars to keep us cheerful. Gabe loves him!

Well, as I am (finally) writing the last stories of our time in Turkey, Rumpus has been journeying around Turkey, north of Marmaris, with Mark and Sally Verbeist and their friends. They have doubtless had many adventures and fine times, and we have the occasional update.

Our friend Martin Caughey, one of the original Wild Things, is travelling back to Turkey with his wife Lee, Mark Hughes and some other friends to take Rumpus out on the next excursion. Who knows where they will go or how they will go!?

Meanwhile Rupe is going through the fifth operation in the hippity hop series; he has been pretty much confined to quarters since we returned to New Zealand. What a contrast to the freedom of being on Rumpus ! So we know hospitals, public, private, Auckland, Wellington, you name it....he will get better, no doubt about it, he is under the care of a very good American surgeon now - Kelly Vince - who is working with him to make him better than ever. I can't wait!!

Fish for dinner in Fethiye

Choosing fish in the market stall in Fethiye, then 'bubble bread' at the restaurant.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lulu and Kristin, leaving Fethiye

statue of Fethi Bey, the Turkish aviator who gave his name to Fethiye; hand embroidered scarves; Lulu with Mark Barton; Mark, Emma, George Barton and Kristin on Cowrie; K and L with Johan and Eva from 'Northern Lights'

Well it has been a very long time since this blog had any update, so this is a retrospective! We had a wonderful time in Fethiye; we caught up with some friends from the rally and ate fish in the local market-cum-restaurant plaza where you select your fish from the stalls and then choose a restaurant to cook it for you.

After leaving Fethiye we headed for the bays in the west of the Gulf of Fethiye, beautiful, deep, pine-fringed waters with the occasional ruin at the water's edge. This was going to be magic! Especially as Lulu had some friends who had run a restaurant at
Cleopatra's Bath in Ruin Bay for many many years.