Monday, June 4, 2012

Zipping down through the Ionian

Leaving wonderful Albania, we made some miles South back to Paxos, where we stayed in charming Longos, then slightly more bustling Fiskardho. 
English tourists everywhere. Great sailing in the afternoons when the wind fills in. 

Now in Zakynthos, we happened on the weekend when there is a regional festival celebrating horsemanship through the ages. Last night there was a medieval-style jousting tournament for the young boys, who had to run with a pole and catch a tiny hanging ring. An amazing juggler used both arms and both legs to throw five large banners high in the air, catch them and twirl them; magnificent!

We’ve made great miles over the last three days; we are now in a bay south of Zakynthos which is a sanctuary for the endangered loggerhead turtles, so there are strict controls on mooring and motoring around here. 

Off to the bottom of the Poloponnesian peninsula tomorrow; a trip to Olympus also in the next few days. 
K and R