Wednesday, May 17, 2017

History, humidity and haircuts in beautiful Cartagena, Colombia

While our new crew member Nicolas looks after Rumpus, we're visiting beautiful Cartagena. We're staying in the old centre which is surrounded by impressive fortifications.
The 'cuadrilonga' flag adopted after Cartagena de Indias declared itself a sovereign and independent state from Spain in

To get here from Panama you fly two legs of a triangle: first SE to Bogota, capital of Colombia, 2644 metres above sea level, then back North to Cartagena.  
Rain and humidity greeted us; locals thought it was 'cold/frio' at 32degrees C.

The Colombian peso is worth 0.00050 NZ dollars. So when something costs 30,000 pesos...for example's about $15.  
the drink vending machine at the airport
Day 1: exploration day, visit to the Naval Museum and training ship and haircuts for both of us at Fifi's salon. 

R at our Hotel Kartaxa in Calle Bolvedas


ceviche, guacamole and plantain tostadas with sangria and local beer

the modern part of the city is all on the tongue of land called Boca Grande, beyond the fort

Stand up Paddling Colombia style, supporting the snorkelers getting  langoustas (lobsters)

the stern section of the Columbian sail training ship

stall after stall all selling the same weird looking sweets

cheese cut to order or pre-wrapped in banana leaves

Avocados, mangoes and limes in Calle Venezuela

After school treat: a green mango made into curly slices.

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