Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Transformation and the 2007 journey

One of the earliest challenges was to choose a new name - we just couldn't pronounce the old one (Danish for forty four point seven). So we called her "Rumpus" - it means chaotic, disorganised fun.
That's 'Romeo, Uniform, Mike, Papa, Uniform, Sierra' on the VHF, or "Roompoos" if you're Spanish, Italian, Croatian or Greek.

The unpronounceable Danish name, removed and replaced by Martin

Rumpus in Kiel, Kate and Chantal making friends.

In 2007, Rumpus sailed all the way through Germany(via the Kiel-Cuxhaven Canal); from Holland, Belgium and Northern France to the Isle of Wight (UK) for fitout and provisioning. From there across the English Channel to Brest, across the Bay of Biscay and down the Portuguese coast to Spain, around Gibraltar and to Valencia in time to see Team New Zealand win the Louis Vuitton cup.

Then the Wild Things left Rumpus for more wild adventures, and Kristin and Rupe carried on to the Balearic Islands and Corsica, where we met Oliver, Lana and Luc Ferry.

They were the first of many guests for 2007: we also very much enjoyed the company of Marguerite Delbet and Alastair Hercus, Graham and Linda McKenzie, Joan Hoffman and Jeff Malone and Steve and Cathie Franks. After Kristin and Gabriel returned to New Zealand, Rupe explored Turkey with his kids Kate and Guy.

And Rumpus spent the (northern) winter in Marmaris, Turkey until Rupe returned in April 2008 for the next adventure.

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Louise van Rooyen said...

Kris and Lana - you both look as beautiful and adventuresome as always. Wish I was there xx