Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sailing again in 2008 - Eastern Mediterranean

Rumpus has been visiting beautiful spots like Knidos in Turkey in the last few days.

Rupe reached Marmaris in early April and completed a Herculean task - lift out, anti fouling, and back in the water for summer.

Now Richard and Pippy Buchanan have joined him and they are visiting some Greek islands before they begin the Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally.
Click here for Richard and Pippy's blog with their latest exploits on Rumpus.

The Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally will be an amazing voyage - 80 yachts from many countries, visiting Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt over two months to the 18th of June.
I am still in New Zealand, anticipating with great excitement a flight to Istanbul on the 13th of May, to join Rumpus in Alanya for the rest of the rally. My mother Diane will join us for a few weeks in Lebanon and Israel, visiting the places where she grew up. And after that, Rupe's daughter Kate and her husband Duncan will join us in Cyprus. Good times ahead.

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