Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tahuata - getting to know the locals, one way and another

Our next stop was Tahuata; a beautiful golden sand beach lined with coconut trees. Nico decided to row ashore and enjoy the blessings and beauty of nature in the outfit he was born In. We watched him stroll naked into the coconut grove surrounding a house. He was chased back to the beach by the hostile residents shouting " GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY!" He tried to point out (in perfect French) that he was in France, was he not?….

We visited the next bay; a spectacular cove surrounded by high forested hills. Next to us in the bay was the huge beautiful yacht Silvertip, often seen in the Hauraki gulf and bay of islands. When they left we were the only yacht in the bay.
Rumpus, Katya, Nico

A little jewel, with astonishing beaches and a friendly welcome at the village of Hapatoni. I bought a 'hoe' (Marquesan carved paddle) there.
Copra drying shed; noni fruit has recently replaced copra as the most lucrative crop.
I met Tehina who brought out her ukulele and we enjoyed a  great singalong with some Rarotongan songs that we both knew. 
She showed me the stone church, built so solidly with coral cement that it wasn't possible to demolish a wall to extend it. So it's tiny, but big enough for the monthly visit from the priest.

The children of the nearby villages were all gathering for a picnic.

I also met Tehina's sister Leonne and Leonne's husband and son with their magnificent tattoos, depicting family stories, strengths and struggles.

Landrovers are the way to go in the Marquesas Islands. 

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