Friday, June 9, 2017

Flying visit to flashy Floreana

Floreana top 3:

  1. La Loberia - “the sea lion beach” -  snorkelling over rocks where sea turtles grazed and sea lion families frolicked.
  2. “Bolones” - fist-sized balls of mashed plantain (green banana) with cheese, with coffee for breakfast. Kept us going for hours. 
  3. The saga of Rupe’s lost sandal: it floated away on the high tide as we snorkelled, and after a long search we were resigned to its loss…… as Rupe trudged back over the sharp volcanic rocks, I went back for a last look and there it was, tossing on the waves around the point. Retrieved after a quick swim and a run to reunite Rupe with his beloved right sandal. 
Other moments: the Iguana trail with the coloured marine iguanas, and the sea lions suckling their cubs on the ferry landing as we waited to board.

Some Darwin finches

La lobelia, where the sandal went for a float

The name's Bond....

Bandera de Ecuador

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