Sunday, June 13, 2010

Salaam Alekhum from Lebanon

Rupe is now a graduate of the Beirut Driving Academy - we hired a car and drove over the mountains to the Bekaah valley, a very fertile part of Lebanon which is effectively the headquarters of the Hisbollah....they try to sell t shirts to tourists with the design of the upraised fist with a machine gun - perfect garment to win friends and influence people! We went to Baalbek - a wonderful ancient site, in some ways even more magnificent than wonderful Palmyra. ON the way back ( a very long way back!) we went across the mountains past the ski resort of Becharre and through the cedar forests - and on the crest of the mountain ranges there was snow! Then today we travelled up the coast and back in time to Tripoli ( not the one in Libya, the one in Lebanon) and went to an amazing old market in the shadow of a huge crusader castle - if you have ever wondered where your remote control or old clothes, furniture and electrical gadgets ended up, this is the place. Lovely vegetable stalls, although we gave everything a jolly good wash when we got it back to the boat. Departure for Israel tomorrow, looking forward to a smooth sail and to the Bycrofts joining us.

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