Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 2010 - a while since the last update!

Rumpus: Adventures in Turkey.....

Rupe has relaunched Rumpus, after two years' separation and lots of surgery and recovery ( and fortunately, recently sailing in the Hauraki Gulf.) Rupe has rejoined the Eastern Mediterranean Rally, and is on his way to the gulf of Gocek.. last heard en route to Gounos with Murray and Andrea Gilbert on board.

We did the rally in 2008 and had such a wonderful time that we are doing it again.

We are yacht 1031 in the rally, colloquially known at the EMYR - this is the twenty first year that the rally has travelled, with its fleet of brave and crazy souls, from Turkey to Egypt and all places in between. Here is the rally website:

To see where we are going, look here

This year we have fewer Americans and more French and British people in the rally, and a smattering of New Zealanders; ourselves, a boat called Kiwi Volant, and Keith and Pam Goodall on Savarna. Now of course this is a rally not a race, but try telling that to the boys....

I will be travelling over in a week, joining Murray, Andrea and Rupert in Alanya. Internet access is patchy, so we will see how we go with the blog!!

Gabe trying to steer High Octane on the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland April 2010

Gabe on the sand dunes, where the pied stilts live, West Coast, New Zealand Jan 2010

Our beautiful cat Mars who sadly was killed last Saturday; his nine lives were short and full of adventure, cuddles and love.

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